Dorgali and Cala Gonone

In the centre-oriental coast of Sardinia, in the middle of Orosei’s bay, there are Dorgali and Cala Gonone that offer to sea and mountain lovers an unbelievable experience.

Dorgali is charachterised by a rural and handmade economy. There are a lot of small shops settled in the centre of the small town, where are exposed handmade items of a rare beauty and originality, based in filigree, leather and paultry.

For the ones that would love to know the history of Dorgali, it may be very interesting the visit to the Archeological Museum, where are settled evidences from Punic and Romane find, and the visit of the archeological villages of Tiscali, Nuraghe Mannu and Serra Orrios.

For the trekking lovers, experts and amateurs, there will be the chance to follow many roads like the one that brings to Gorroppu Gorge, one of the most importants canyons in Europe. Doing a few km, it is possible to reach the beaches of Cala Osala and Cala Cartoe, and the cave of Ispinigoli where is settled the highest stalagmite in Europe (38m).

Cala Fuili Karama Dorgali

At 8 km from Dorgali there is Cala Gonone, famous for the multiply of beaches:  by walking or by boat , there is the possibility to reach the famous cave of “Bue Marino” and the Cala Luna beach. Only by boat are reachable the beaches of Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani. There also the possibility to do paraglider and climbing with  paths aproppiate for experts and amateurs. There also the possibility to visit the Aquarium of Cala Gonone and the Museum of the “Foca Monaca”.

[Photo Carmelo Mele]

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